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Goddess-inspired Custom Coffee Blends: Working with the Forces of Nature to Create a Brew Divine

At River Moon Wellness, we are both grateful and privileged to be able to partner with the elemental forces of nature to bring you one of the most flavorful and revitalizing elixirs known to humankind.

• To hold the earth-colored beans in your hand and feel the silky surface with its natural oil coating,
• To inhale the malty, roasted, nutty fragrance
• To taste the complexity of flavors – from deep and smokey to bright and fruity, from caramel to floral

If every coffee drinker could join us at our roasting facility, we are sure that you, too, would feel the same sense of deep appreciation for the miracle of the coffee bean that we feel every day.

We were so inspired by nature’s gifts that we chose to name our custom coffee blends after the goddesses who personify the life-giving elements that nurture these beautiful trees.

Let’s take a look at the perfect handiwork of nature.

Where it All Begins

Our coffee beans begin their life in the lush protected forests of the Earth mother, Gaia, where a great diversity of life is nurtured in places across the globe:
• South America: Brazil, Peru
• Central America: Costa Rica, Colombia, Honduras, Ecuador, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, Panama
• Africa: Kenya, Malawi, Burundi, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Tanzania, Yemen
• Asia: Indonesia, Java, Sumatra, New Guinea, Sulawesi
• The Islands: Hawaii, Jamaica

The growing conditions found in each of these coffee-growing regions gives a distinct flavor profile to the coffee beans from that area. When combined in a custom coffee blend, this diversity of flavor is what makes River Moon coffees unique.

Soil Fertility is Critical

Epona, a goddess of fertility, reminds us that coffee trees are “heavy feeders” – they extract a lot from the soil in which they grow. In order to produce 100 pounds of green coffee beans, the coffee tree will extract approximately 3 pounds of nitrogen, just over half a pound of phosphorus, and almost 4 pounds of potassium from the soil.

The fertile soil that grows healthy coffee trees will be slightly acidic, high in organic matter, nitrogen and iron. Soil nutrients affect the oily substances and fats in the bean that provide its flavor and aroma.

Nurturing the Cosmic Flow

Coffee trees need a lot of water and good drainage. That’s one reason they love the volcanic soils found in places like Hawaii and Guatemala. It has tremendous water-holding capacity. They also thrive in humid conditions, like upland rainforests. Anahita, the river goddess, reminds us of the universal need for pure, clean water to grow healthy productive trees, and to brew a great cup of coffee.

Reaching for the Moon

Usually we think of plants reaching for the sun, but when it comes to coffee, we think of the lustrous moon daughter Aega, for two reasons.

First, coffee trees prefer to grow at high altitudes – reaching for the moon. They typically grow between 1,000 and 2,000 feet above sea level where temperatures range from 55 to 78 degrees fahrenheit. These cooler temperatures allow the plant to absorb and process nutrients more slowly, so they produce bigger seeds and more complex flavor.

And second, Arabica coffee trees are understory trees. They love shade and can only handle a few hours of direct sun. They prefer the gentle morning rays revealed by the goddess Hemera, as she pulls back the curtain of night to reveal a new morning.

Protecting the Future

Each coffee bean holds the promise of a future coffee tree – or a great cup of coffee. We envision the goddess Lucina, protector of new life and those who give it, when we see the bright red cherries on the coffee tree. It’s a beautiful protective coating to two perfect beans. In order for the bean to be of use, it must be removed from this covering and dried.

You can see why we at River Moon Wellness believe each cup of coffee begins with a Divine set of circumstances. When we partner with Gaia, our coffee roastery co-creates a bit of earth-sky-water magic to nurture you each morning.