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River Moon Wellness is a thriving eCommerce company that offers broad-spectrum hemp products for the mind, body, and soul. We seek to bring balance to our customer’s daily routines, but we wouldn’t be able to do what we do without our staff.

For this reason, we want to take time to highlight one of our core team members Travis Harvieux. There are many eCommerce roles needed to ensure the success of an online company, and no position is as essential as Travis’s. Travis is the eCommerce fulfillment manager at River Moon Wellness.

Read on to learn more about our company and our newest addition to the River Moon Wellness team.

River Moon Wellness: About the Company

River Moon Wellness was founded in 2010 by husband and wife team Geoff Schodde and Juanita Ikuta. The company launched with a single product, our roasted coffee.

Since River Moon Wellness first hit the market, we have branched out into larger product lines. We also offer hemp-infused and non-hemp-infused coffees, teas, body products, gummies, and tinctures. 

Geoff and Juanita’s original mission behind the company was to bring balance to their customer’s daily rituals. While River Moon Wellness is continuing that original mission, the company has also dedicated itself to a new one: destigmatize hemp’s role on wellness. 

River Moon Wellness Welcomes Travis Harvieux

Although our base of operations is in Wisconsin, River Moon Wellness operates entirely online. Despite being an online store, we still need a location for our offices and, most importantly, a place to process our customer’s orders. That’s where our eCommerce fulfillment manager Travis comes in.

As an eCommerce store, we rely on eCommerce fulfillment to deliver our products to our customers. It’s a vital strategy that keeps our customers happy, so Travis’s role at the company is so important.

Travis Harvieux - River Moon Wellness

As fulfillment manager, Travis has control over the entire eCommerce fulfillment process. It’s his responsibility to process orders and oversee warehouse operations, inventory and demand tracking, quality control, and shipping preparation.

Now, that sounds like a lot, but Travis doesn’t do it all alone. He works closely with other employees to ensure that our customer’s expectations are always met.


Travis’s Favorite Products 

Travis doesn’t only make sure that River Moon Wellness products to our customers; he enjoys them for himself too. Some of his favorite products include our Gaia coffeeEpona coffee, and Hemp balm


Follow Our Company Journey

River Moon Wellness is happy to welcome Travis Harvieux to the company. We’re thankful for the integral role he plays in our everyday operations. Travis, along with the rest of our team at River Moon Wellness, will continue to provide quality products that improve your daily life and educate you on the benefits of hemp for personal wellness. 

Browse our online store to shop Travis’s favorite products and more River Moon Wellness products. 

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