All About Juanita Ikuta

River Moon Wellness is a thriving company that, in recent years, has gone from strength to strength. But how did it get to where it is today? The history of River Moon Wellness is a fascinating one. 

No less fascinating is that of one of its founders, Juanita Ikuta. From the corporate world to the journey of wellness, the path Juanita took to get to where she is today is one full of unexpected twists and turns, but in the end, it’s clear she’s ended up exactly where she needs to be.

Read on to learn more about one-half of the husband and wife team that formulate the backbone of River Moon Wellness.

About Juanita Ikuta

A Corporate Background

Although you might not expect it from someone who’s now immersed in the world of wellness, Juanita comes from a corporate background. She spent years of her career working internationally in the world of virtual learning in the for-profit sector.

It just so happened that as Juanita began to notice the online learning space become less pioneering, her husband Geoff was in the process of building a successful business. It seemed like the perfect time for Juanita to take the plunge and jump into a joint venture—and that’s exactly what she did.

The move from partners in marriage to partners in business was somewhat daunting for Juanita. But it turned out to be precisely the right decision. Happily, their diverse range of skill sets complemented each other well.

Life at River Moon Wellness

When Juanita speaks of life as an entrepreneur, the first word she uses to describe it is challenging. The next is invigorating. It’s an exciting career where her role includes everything from sitting in the office strategic planning and budgeting to rolling up her sleeves organizing new product lines in River Moon’s production facility.

The diversity of the role is something she values and enjoys. She also appreciates that she has more control over her own time.

But by far, her favorite part of her job is that it enables her to provide people with wellness products at accessible price points. As she and her husband both agree, wellness products may be small things, but they are a big part of someone’s day.

Speaking of wellness, Juanita’s favorite River Moon product at the moment is their Lucid Blue coffee, a broad spectrum hemp-infused blend. She has this every morning as a pour-over using unbleached filter paper. Each night, she enjoys their cold-pressed broad-spectrum hemp tinctures before bed.

Juanita Ikuta favorite CBD coffee Lucid Blue
Juanita Ikuta favorite products

Juanita Ikuta: One Half of River Moon Wellness

Geoff Schodde and Juanita Ikuta make a fantastic team. As different as they are, their personalities and strengths fit perfectly with one another to create a formidable partnership.

If you’d like to learn more about River Moon Wellness, check out our company blog. To learn more about the different products we offer, browse our range now.

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