Holiday Treats You Can Make With River Moon Wellness Coffee

With the holidays rolling around the corner, you’re probably looking at treats and similar recipes for you and your family. But are you tired of doing the same old holiday treats as last year?

If so, try out holiday coffee treats! Everyone loves coffee, so why not just incorporate some of the best coffee you have into the treats themselves?

But what are the best holiday treats you can make with River Moon Wellness Coffee? Read on to find out more about how you can make the best holiday treats from River Moon Wellness Coffee!

River Moon Wellness Coffee Holiday Treats ideas


The first two recipes aren’t necessarily traditional holiday treats, but we’d be hard-pressed to find guests who aren’t impressed by these coffee treats. The first one is tiramisu, which is famous for how it incorporates coffee.

It’s no secret that tiramisu can be more involved than your average holiday treat. The outcome, however, is well worth it. If you have a bag of River Moon espresso, this is the perfect holiday treat. 

Coffee Cheesecake

Are you someone who loves coffee and cheesecake? Why not just combine them into one single holiday treat?

The coffee cheesecake is a combination that sounds like something that can only exist in your imagination, but it’s a very simple dessert. It’s not much different from a regular cheesecake method, besides the coffee, of course.

It’s a perfect holiday treat for coffee lovers and a perfect way to cap off a holiday dinner course. 

Coffee Ice Cream

People tend to think coffee ice cream is something you can only get at ice cream parlors and grocery stores. The truth is, you can make your own coffee ice cream at home using River Moon Wellness coffee.

The process is very much the same as regular ice cream, with a few teaspoons of your very own River Moon Wellness coffee. Of course, a nice light roast would be perfect for your coffee ice cream.

Chocolate-Covered Beans

If you want a nice bite-sized snack, try out chocolate-covered beans. They’re as simple as recipes can get as all you need to do is dip coffee beans in melted chocolate and freeze.

Get whatever coffee beans you want, and set them out on a plate for your family and friends to enjoy. You can even use it as a holiday treat gift!

Coffee Cupcakes

How about something that’s more single-serving? Coffee cupcakes are perfect for this, especially if you’ve got guests with a sweet tooth.

Espresso is the perfect coffee for your coffee cupcakes. You can even take it up a notch by making coffee buttercream icing. Our espresso coffee beans are an excellent match for any coffee cupcake recipe. 

Holiday Treats With River Moon Wellness Coffee

There’s a whole host of holiday treats you can make with River Moon Wellness coffee. If your family and friends are coffee enthusiasts, use this article to help you find the best possible coffee treat recipes for this season!

Looking for coffee, tea, gummies, tinctures, and body products for wellness needs pertaining to your mind, body, and soul? Contact us today or check out our wide inventory!

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