81% of women use lip balm daily. But not all types of balm are created equal. Some even dry your lips out and cause the damage you’re trying to avoid.

When choosing a balm, look for something with all-natural, organic ingredients like the River Moon Deep Penetrating Balm. This balm will smooth and soothe your lips. Keep reading below for more balm benefits.

Balm Benefits

Balm is a waxy substance that humans apply to their skin and lips. The skin of the lips is called mucosa and is different from the rest of the skin.

Unlike most of the skin on your body, lip skin is hair and sweat-gland-free. In addition, lip skin is especially thin and has a low water-holding capacity. These two features of lip skin make it prone to dryness and chapping.

Because the lip skin is different, you need to take special care of your lips. Balm can help combat dryness and chapping by locking moisture into the lips. Here are a few more balm benefits.

Sun and Wind Protection

Your lips can get sun and wind burnt just like any other part of your skin. A lip sunburn can be excruciating. Burnt lips can make it hard to talk and eat. River Moon Deep Penetrating Balm will protect your lips from the elements.

Keeps Lips Hydrated

Lips don’t hold moisture as well as other parts of your body. Dehydrated lips are painful and unsightly when they crack or bleed. Use Lip balm to keep your lips hydrated. The hemp oil in River Moon Deep Penetrating Lip Balm has anti-inflammatory properties that will keep your lips hydrated and smooth.

How to Use River Moon Deep Penetrating Balm for Optimal Results
Enhances Lipstick

Balm can make your lipstick pop. When lipstick goes on smooth and supple lips, it looks enhanced. Not only that, just as the balm protects your lips from sun and wind, it will also protect your lipstick. Make a statement with bold, balmed, and colored lips.

Vitamins, Nutrients, and Minerals

Hemp oil is full of vitamins and minerals. For example, vitamins A, C, E, and F. These vitamins help your lips keep their supple and full, youthful appearance.

Mainly vitamin E is known for reducing moisture loss and protecting and softening skin. Lip care is part of skin care. River Moon Balm is the best balm to use in your skincare routine. Your lips will thank you.

How to Get Optimal Results

The benefits of River Moon Deep Penetrating Balm are hard to deny. This balm protects your lips from wind and sun damage, keeps your lips hydrated, enhances lipstick, and delivers necessary vitamins and minerals to your skin.

For optimal results and balm benefits, use the balm regularly. Anytime your lips feel dry or before going outside. For lipstick that pops, use it before applying your makeup for the day.

To find this and other wellness and beauty products visit River Moon Wellness today!

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