Fade to Black Blend – Smoky Dark Roast


(29 customer reviews)

We are proud to offer you this private line of high-quality broad-spectrum products created for fans of the Fade to Black Podcast.


Fade to Black, Game Change Blend, Black Moon Blend

We are proud to offer you this private line of high-quality broad-spectrum products created for fans of the Fade to Black Podcast.


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A bolder cup with some bite. Game Changer is the coffee of choice for those that prefer an organic dark roast that is slightly lighter and milder. CERTIFIED ORGANIC BLEND OF BEANS from Indonesia and Central American, the Vienna Roast has wild notes of pecans and chocolate from 100% Arabica coffee.

The Black Moon Dark Roast, with 100mg of Organically Sourced, Cold-pressed, Broad Spectrum Hemp Oil is part of our private line of high-quality broad-spectrum products.



We are proud to offer you this private line of high-quality broad-spectrum products. Fade to Black, Game Changer and our Black Moon Blend

Fade to Black Podcast-Late-night talk radio at its finest.

We are proud to offer you this private line of high-quality broad-spectrum products created for fans of the Fade to Black Podcast.

Fade to Black podcast


Café Imports, our primary green coffee broker, is certified under the Non-GMO Verify Project to be a non-GMO food. They have indicated that, “…like the Non-GMO Verify Project, we believe that the integrity of our diverse genetic inheritance is essential to human and environmental health and ecological harmony.” Café Imports’ commitment to River Moon is to never work with GMO coffee in an effort to help maintain the integrity and consumer clarity of a product we all care for so much. View and download Café Imports’ Non-GMO Project verified certificate.

Thoughtfully Customized

Black Moon offers broad spectrum hemp oil that is 100% cold-pressed, and rich in beneficial phytocannabinoids. The cold-pressed hemp oil extraction process gently releases the plant’s natural elements without using gases, solvent or heat. Our cold-pressed hemp oil contains all the natural fats, vitamins, nutrients and beneficial phytonutrients from the plant’s natural elements.

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Align your mind, body and soul

It is rich and full-bodied with delightfully distinct bittersweet chocolate highlights. This blend combines a predominant amount of organically sourced beans from Central America with dashes of organically sourced Indonesian and African beans mixed in for highlights. Our master roaster achieved this dark roast profile using the advanced roasting technique of Cooling-cycle Smoking.
We hope you enjoy the dazzling beauty and brilliance of this blend, cup after cup.

Customer Reviews

(29 customer reviews)
29 reviews for Fade to Black Blend - Smoky Dark Roast
  1. Sarah

    Started drinking this to see what all the hype was about on Jimmy’s show and ended up absolutely loving the coffee. In fact, it’s so good that I just got my roommate, who doesn’t even know who Jimmy Church is, to start bugging me to buy more whenever we run out, and almost exclusively drink it! Now if only I can get her interested in UFOs!

  2. Dave Eaton

    Fade to Black is simply bliss!
    Talk about smooth, robust, but kicking coffee.
    It rocks my morning like a hurricane………
    Simply the best.
    Gobekli Tepe

  3. Dana

    Fade to Black blend is seriously delicious.

    We used it for a conference to make giant carafes each morning. Even made in large batches after being shipped to us cross country, the coffee held its flavor beautifully. It was rich, dark, and smooth.

    Our guests were literally shocked at just how good it was. I can’t recommend it enough.

  4. RJ Ring

    First off I would like to say that I heard about River Moon Coffee from Jimmy Church of Fade to Black Radio. After hearing his ad over and over again for River Moon I decided to give it a shot.

    Mind you I live in San Francisco and coffee is big here. Before I would go to Peet’s, Starbucks, Phil’s and Blue Bottle Coffee. These places charged so much and I often found the Dark Roasts to taste really bad or burnt. Being that these entities serve so many coffees a day quality is so low and if you want a good coffee you have to pay $6+!

    The Fade to Black Blend is one of the BEST COFFEE’s I have ever had, period. I am a huge coffee nut and make a point to try coffee local when travelling. I honestly do not think I will buy coffee from anywhere else, so I am counting on River Moon to sell Coffee for the next 60+ years.

    Keep it up River Moon team, your coffee is out of this world!

  5. Evan Thomas

    I discovered River Moon Coffee via Fade To Black radio. To be honest, I bought this coffee initially as something silly to do. Paranormal coffee, pretty funny, right? But, it really is excellent coffee! My favorite now and my wife really digs it too and she is somewhat of a coffee aficionado. About to order another round and going to try the Gaia blend this time too. Looking forward to it!

  6. Dave Madsen

    Summary: Wonderful, rich, deep flavorful coffee very suitable for sipping while relaxing and reading. Or working, if you insist.
    When I opened up the Fade To Black package, it smelled heavenly. I used 6 Tbs beans in 24 oz with French Press.
    I tried the result several ways: black, with sugar, with half-and-half (“H&H”), and both. The black coffee was rich with a sharp (not bitter) component. I’ve tasted this in other coffees; sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t. Adding the sugar was a bit discordant: there were two distinct tastes, and the combination didn’t really impress me; keeping it black was much better. In a separate taste trial, I added a bit of h&h to the black coffee. That “smoothed out” the sharpness nicely without eliminating any other taste. I liked that and would enjoy it, but I also wanted to try both sugar and h&h.
    So I added sugar to the coffee and h&h as one would a spice to a dish, that is, not just dump a lot in but add a bit and pay attention to the flavor I got, which is what I’d done with the h&h as well. This turned out to be THE magic brew for me. The h&h removed the sharpness, and the sugar brought out more of the subtle deep rich flavors underneath.
    This is coffee that you don’t get tired of drinking. It’s rich enough so that a sip at a time is satisfying. I just wish there was a decaf version so that I could drink it anytime.
    Yes, I’ll say it: it’s out of this world! Thanks, Jimmy, for talking about it.

  7. Jason

    I’ve always liked a good cup of black coffee but a good cup of coffee is hard to find. River moon F2B blend is amazing- it is over the top flavorful.
    I french press mine and drink it both hot and iced. I plan to keep this coffee on hand for a long time to come.

  8. “Church Goer” Steve

    My checklist for River Moon (RM) F2B Blend:

    – Dark
    – Rich
    – Smooth
    – Low Acidic
    – Velvety
    – Chocolate
    – Roasted Perfection
    – Benchmark Joe
    – Makes the BEST Iced Coffee
    – AeroPress+F2B Blend = AAA+++

    Go “to Church” as he knows what he’s talking about in more ways than one and one of those “things” is coffee! Thank goodness for the love of coffee I listened to Jimmy C. and discovered RM F2B Blend.

    Once you try Fade to Black, you NEVER go back!

    Thanks JC and thanks RM!
    GREAT, GREAT Coffee!!

  9. Susan

    My sister-in-law LOVES coffee..the blacker the better!
    While listening to Jimmy Church’s Fade To Black radio show and while hearing Jimmy wax so eloquently about Fade To Black Coffee, I decided this was the ticket.
    Later, I asked her opinion about this custom blend and she simply ADORES it. She said it was dark and smooth without the bitter taste of most coffees.
    I know I will want to order Fade To Black coffee for
    my mum who also LOVES her coffee dark!

  10. Frankie4fingers

    After returning from our first trip from CITD 2017 and seeing and hearing about River Moon’s blend for Jimmy Church, Fade to Black fans, I decided to give the coffee a try. I placed a small order to sample the coffee. We are not big coffee drinkers, just morning sippers, to get the blood and mind moving.
    We are impressed with the flavor and aroma that the F2B Blend has to offer, we are on our second 5 pound order!!!
    Give the F2B Blend a try, you will like it.
    Gobekli Tepe

  11. Luke Quinn

    Had these beans delivered all the way to me in the UK, and I have to say it was totally worth it !! Gorgeous deep smoky flavor, you’ll want nothing else after great quick delivery too!

  12. Katya Faris

    My husband and I are Fadernaughts, and so we wanted to try Jimmy’s coffee to support his show. Now this is the only coffee we buy!! It’s everything I love in a coffee, dark, chocolately, and it has a bitter edge to it. I also love how beautifully shiny the beans are when they arrive; great oils, and it smells divine!!!

  13. Charles Babcock

    I was listening to the radio and heard an ad about Fade to Black dark roast. I love coffee and I thought I would try it. I was not expecting to be surprised because I am usually not. From the first sip to the bottom of the cup I was surprised at the freshness and flavor and I was hooked. Guess where my next purchase is going to be.

  14. Deana

    My husband is very fussy about his coffee. Thanks to the Fade to Black blend, I finally found a coffee that he REALLY loves! It is just as Jimmy Church says and more. Dark and exotic with rich flavor and a deep boldness. If you make a coffee darker, please let me know and we will try that too. Love this blend!! Super fast shipping too.

  15. Bif

    I usually don’t go for advertised products from radio shows…but I had that feeling J. Church, and River Moon might just have something? Oh Man they do! I myself am a musician so coffee is my safe drug, my Friend whom I turned on to Fade to BLack Blend, is a Jazz club owner loved it as well. There is a well blended mix of strong roast, with that chocolate hint, plus it kicks ass for a caffeine buzz! But unlike other potent coffee this is a rich finish and great aftertaste…Enjoy the fruits of “Their” labor!

  16. Sue

    This is THE best coffee on this planet. My husband and I say each morning, “time for the Jimmy church” which means, delightful incredible coffee. We both are determined to never drink a cup of anything else. ‘Not in this house”. Great coffee and Jimmy makes it even better. We are Fadernauts now via the blend. I have told anyone and everyone I know that are coffee drinkers of this product. Thank you!

  17. Dick Pangallo

    This is “crack” for coffee lovers. I live in Coffee Country and was drinking Starbucks before they were Starbucks. Fade to Black blend is strong and smooth, makes awesome espresso as well as other methods of extraction. It is really hard to drink anything other than F2B blend. Give it a try, you will be rewarded.

  18. Tom F.

    Purchased 2lbs of the F2B whole beans.

    Very happy with this purchase. The bag is heavy duty re-sellable which is a plus for those who don’t go through a lot of coffee ensuring it stays as fresh as possible for as long as possible.

    Now onto the taste, typically I wouldn’t buy a bean with chocolate highlights in the past hasn’t worked out. However, in this case, the blend complements the taste absolutely perfect. The dark roast which is my personal favorite pairs perfect with the bittersweet chocolate aftertaste.

    I love Jimmy Church and this blend is so good it just might ruin the taste of every other coffee out there. If you like dark roast, give it a try, you too, like me, may bask in the glory of F2B Blend!

  19. Renee Simone-Wiley

    Deep, dark, smooth blend. Amazing taste….great morning wake-me-up!

  20. Robert

    This is a rich bold coffee! So smooth and delicious. I cannot go back to common store coffee after experiencing this. You can’t go wrong with this one!

  21. Mike

    Bought this simply cuz I like coffee and I like Jimmy Church and his show and I wanted to support it. I don’t normally care for dark roast, and this one is definitely that, but it’s a hit! Wife and I drink it every morning, chipping away at our 5 lb bag. It’s dark but not at all bitter or harsh; it’s actually really smooth. We’ll be buying it again.

  22. “Church Goer” Steve

    If you love big, bold, rich coffee flavor and usually disappointed with what you find in coffee shops or bring home from the store, search no further. This Fade to Black Blend is the real deal and is a benchmark for which I measure other dark roasted coffee against.

    Being a longtime coffee drinker who drinks a lot of coffee (especially partial to iced coffee), this F2B Blend makes for one of the best coffee drinking experiences I’ve ever had. Using my preferred method of brewing (the Areopress), the smooth BIG coffee flavor hit that F2B provides is a dark coffee lovers dream.

    Thanks River Moon for making it, thanks to Jimmy Church for promoting it. I’m hooked and “tripping” on F2B Blend!

  23. Dave

    I live in the UK and listen to Fade To Black with Jimmy Church almost everyday. Finally the adverts ground me down and I succumbed to trying the F2B Blend. I want to thank the wonderful folks at River Moon for making it available to UK customers. I’ve tried searching for any other coffee in the UK that has a similar deep rich flavour but there is none, the closest I’ve found still doesn’t have the immediate kick you get from merely opening the bag of F2B Blend. It’s THE best coffee I’ve ever come across and cannot recommend it highly enough. River Moon have hit the dark, bitter notes just right and it’s worth paying the extra shipping costs for sure.

  24. Joshua Mobley

    I loved the iced coffee fade2black.. I bought it at CITD… It’s pretty intense…

  25. Deb

    I ordered F2BBLEND coffee because I saw something that I had not seen since my mom switched from Sanka to a percolator. I saw Jimmy Church drinking a cup of F2BBLEND coffee while doing his show. Then I saw something that you cannot fake – enjoyment – you could actually see he was thoroughly enjoying this coffee! I LOVE COFFEE, and my work revolves around coffee. I make all natural beauty products from coffee. I buy a very high-end coffee from a coffee company that is known worldwide. Yes, I not only make a coffee product, I DRINK A LOT OF COFFEE and I do not feel like Jimmy looks when he is drinking the F2BBLEND coffee! When I opened my F2BBLEND coffee there was a bouquet of aroma and one bean looked more beautiful than the next. After experiencing the F2BBLEND, I now look like Jimmy and will only make my beauty products with F2BBLEND coffee!

  26. Kim

    Truly, have been trying to go more local but nothing is the same. Everything else seems bitter and edgey– Fade to Black (also try Gaia blend!) so smooth.

  27. Holly Marie

    I always have a hard time with these complex coffee ratings, I can never quite taste all of the notes I am supposed to. Is what I can say, is that this blend is smooth from start to finish. I had no bitter after taste with this blend, yet it is dark, rich and full of flavor. I usually go for a dark blend but I find myself tasting the bitterness as I get to the bottom of the cup, I did not find that experience here. As I said, it is smooth from start to finish and very enjoyable. You will not be disappointed except for the fact that you didn’t discover it sooner! 🙂

  28. Tanner Sloan

    Just made my first cup of River Moon’s Private Fade to Black Blend and WOW!! If you feel that all coffee tastes the same it is because you’ve never had a truly Premium brew before! I love how River Moon Coffee made a special blend just for Followers of Jimmy Church! So much more personal than coffee shops that simply write your name on a cup. lol River Moon in my eyes went above and beyond to capture the flavor perfect for The Fadernauts, Dark, and as smooth as Jimmy Churche’s Voice! First time I’ve ever been able to drink coffee black and that is the truth! Love it Thank You!!!!!

  29. John

    Listed as dark and having undertones of bittersweet chocolate. Dark coffee is often portrayed as bitter. Not this coffee. This a dark roasted full bodied coffee with no bitter. The bittersweet chocolate is also not bitter it’s a complex blend of flavors that awaken your senses and taste buds. If you love great coffee or know some one that does (like I do) this is the perfect way to enjoy amazing taste and flavor at home. DD or Starbucks has got nothing on this blend. And it’s not 7$ a cup. With multiple ways to pay and the fast shipping your never far from great coffee. Brew up a cup and enjoy it with your favorite activity like listening to fade to black with Jimmy Church. You’ll be glad you did.

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