Pour-over Kettle // Stagg


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Renew your wellness.


The pour-over, perfected
Stagg generation 1.2.

Stagg Pour-Over Kettle’s beautifully functional design kicks your brewing up a notch. Enjoy an intuitive, steady pour with Stagg’s precision pour spout. Keep track of temperature with a built-in brew-range thermometer. Pour at an even, slow pace with Stagg’s counterbalanced handle that moves the center of mass back towards your hand.



  • Gas, electric, and induction range compatible.
  • 1.0 Liter boiling capacity.
  • Brews regular American style coffee
  • New v1.2 stainless steel lid.
  • Slight discoloration on bottom of copper Stagg will occur when used on gas and electric stoves
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