Truthseeker’s Blend // Medium Roast

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Renew your wellness.


The Mike Malloy Show Truthseeker’s Blend, our medium customized roast, was created for truth seekers world wide and Mike of the Mike Malloy Show.
This worldly blend is the perfect proportion of organically sourced beans from South American, Brazil and Central America.
Each cup of the Truthseeker’s Blend promises to bring your truth truthseeking senses to life.
Café Imports, our primary green coffee broker, is certified under the Non-GMO Verify Project to be a non-GMO food. They have indicated that, “…like the Non-GMO Verify Project, we believe that the integrity of our diverse genetic inheritance is essential to human and environmental health and ecological harmony.” Café Imports’ commitment to River Moon is to never work with GMO coffee in an effort to help maintain the integrity and consumer clarity of a product we all care for so much. View and download Café Imports’ Non-GMO Project verified certificate.

Our offerings are thoughtfully customized, roasted blends and our master roaster always ensures that everything going out the door is the freshest of fresh. As an artisan brand, our offerings are roasted to order. That means that when your order comes in, two business days are required for roast time, then that batch is given 24 hours to degas and then it is shipped. To ensure quality, we do not roast, let the coffee sit on the shelf and then ship.
We hope you enjoy the dazzling beauty and brilliance of this blend, cup after cup.

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Reviews (3)

3 reviews for Truthseeker’s Blend // Medium Roast

  1. Nick from Ontario

    I ordered 16oz and it turned out to be just under $65 CAD by the time it reached my door :/ That was WITH the fade to black discount.

    That said, I would go to bed every night anticipating the morning’s cup like a kid on christmas eve. The aroma while brewing makes this too difficult to brew in the evening because it’s impossible not to have a cup!

    Dark, flavourful, bold but not bitter at all, vague hints of chocolaty goodness.

    Gobekli Tepe

  2. Cece I.

    I’ve learned that River Moon Coffee Roasting Company’s inspiration came from the Saint Croix River, and that the owners continuously sample coffees from around the world and select only the best that each farm has to offer. Their master roaster has meticulously fine-tuned specific roast profiles to highlight the unique properties of each varietal. My favorite is Gaia. This blend is smooth and not acidic. I also like that this family-owned company prides itself on consciously sourcing their green, supporting their local community, and producing the freshest coffee possible.

  3. Holly Marie

    I love this blend! There is something deeply satisfying about the Gaia roast, it runs deep into your core and fills you with richness and the sweet sensation of earthiness. I enjoy the blend so much that I serve it at our Women’s Empowerment Retreats that I co-facilitate with Laurie McDonald. The women who attend our retreat also enjoy this rich, medium blend. From start to finish, the blend holds a consistency that is unique, comforting and has a tone of earthy notes and flavors. It is as if the Gaia blend brings out the primal, hidden Goddess buried deep within, it makes you want to dance and express your creativity!

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