St Croix River Photos by Greg Seitz at St Croix 360

Dec 6, 2021 | RIVER MOON BLOG

Do you love the wonderful St. Croix river pictures that we have on several pages of our website as much as we do? The river is an inspiration for us and many others in this beautiful part of Minnesota. The pictures were generously shared by the photographer, Greg Seitz. We want to bring attention to the cause that he is passionate about, the St. Croix River stewardship project. Please consider donating to his St. Croix 360 site, which is 100% supported by readers.

Here is some info from his website:

“St. Croix 360 was founded by Greg Seitz, a writer and river bum. I grew up in Stillwater and today live with my family in May Township, MN. I spend as much of my time as possible getting to know everything I can about the St. Croix.”

About St. Croix 360

“St. Croix 360 shares stories about the St. Croix River to inspire stewardship. Reporting from throughout the 7,700-square mile watershed in Minnesota and Wisconsin, topics range from dragonflies to floods, from fishing to oil pipelines. It is an independent news source produced by Greg Seitz.”

Why is it called 360?

“One of the biggest challenges facing the St. Croix River is harmful blooms of algae in in the lower river, due to excess nutrients in runoff. The goal is to restore the river by reducing phosphorus levels to 360 tons/year.”

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