The History of River Moon Wellness

Take a moment and think about your ideal day. Start to finish. Don’t forget any details.

Did you sleep in? Have a cup of coffee? Get lost in a book?

The small things are vastly important in our lives and create the moments we look forward to each day.

Known for roasted coffee and mother earth-inspired products, River Moon Wellness is a holistic brand that understands the importance of small things. 

To better understand their vision, let’s glance at the history of River Moon Wellness. You will leave feeling refreshed and grounded, much like after that morning cup of coffee.


River Moon Founders

River Moon Wellness was founded in 2010 by Geoff Schodde and Juanita Ikuta. Coming to a now or never moment over dinner, the concepts of River Moon were brought to life on a dinner napkin.

A professional musician and a Ph.D. educator, Geoff and Juanita had much to learn about the business and service hospitality industries. Geoff’s ability to drive passion and inspiration pairs well with Juanita’s ability to pull everything together. 

The History of River Moon Wellness

River Moon launched with a single, simple product: roasted coffee. Coffee may seem like a small thing, but the River Moon founders understand it’s a big part of someone’s day. 

Focusing on feminine energy, powerful healing, and a connection to the elements that bring us life, they chose Magu the Goddess of Hemp as part of their logo.

They wanted their business to emulate an appeal to everything delightful about living while creating a connection with the life-giving elements of earth and water.

With their successful combination of superb roasted coffee and passion to inspire others to seek the simple things, it didn’t take long for River Moon to gain traction with the locals of St. Croix, Minnesota.

Coffee roasting was just the foundation. 

River Moon’s Mission

The mission behind River Moon stems from Geoff and Juanita’s appreciation for coffee and how it amplifies the ability to enjoy every aspect of life.

Longevity among coffee roasters is not common; however, the focus and values of River Moon have continuously set them apart from the competition. 

River Moon’s success has evolved into larger (but still simple) product lines, including coffee, tea, body products, gummies, and tinctures. They continue to fulfill their mission by adding products that are a part of our daily rituals.

From struggling to find a roasting-friendly production space to roasting hemp-infused coffee in Malibu, California, River Moon is continuing their mission while embarking on a new one: destigmatizing the impact hemp has on wellness. 

More Than Just Coffee

It may have started as just roasting coffee, but the story of River Moon Wellness inspires us to recognize that it’s not just a cup of coffee.

It’s a catalyst for enjoying life. 

For more about our products and who we are, check out our journal

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