Hemp oils, extracted from only the seeds of hemp plants, provide many unexpected benefits. It contains vitamins, proteins, and minerals, as well as amino acids and fatty acids, which are essential for sustaining life

Unfortunately, manufacturers often use the cheapest, fastest methods available. This can produce sub-standard products.

With many extraction methods in use, it’s essential to know that some are better than others. Continue reading to learn why cold-pressing hemp extract is our only method and how that benefits you. 

How Does Cold-pressing Hemp Extract Work?

The process of cold-pressing is entirely natural and is the best way to preserve the integrity of the cannabinoids.

It begins with soaking the seeds in water to soften the shells. The seeds are then processed in a metal press. As a result, they break open easily, which causes less potential damage to the oil compounds.

The press is kept very cold, leading to the term cold-pressed. This prevents the oils from exposure to any heat during this process. Heat deteriorates the natural oils, so cold-pressing hemp extract creates a higher-quality product.

Is This Better Than Other Extraction Methods?

Some natural and traditional extraction approaches use ice water, heat, pressure, agitation, or scraping. These methods can be time-consuming and less effective. In addition, producers may end up with inconsistent products from batch to batch with these methods. 

Chemical extraction is possible with CO2, ethanol, or hydrocarbons. The chemicals used force separation and draw the terpenes and oils. Then, the chemicals are removed in a purge process. 

The FDA approves these chemicals and processes, but that doesn’t mean they are healthy or wise. Trace amounts of chemicals remain, which leaves you with a lower-quality product. 

It’s clear that cold-pressing hemp extract is the superior method. It’s a natural process that delivers all the nutrients and benefits you should expect.

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What Sets It Apart From Other Products on the Market?

One of the best benefits of cold-pressed hemp extract is that it’s more than a popular superfood. Rather than incorporating several preventatives and treatments, you may be able to use hemp oil and skip all of the potential side effects of traditional options.

For example, hemp oil has a positive impact on mental health. It’s shown to increase focus, enhance relaxation and improve your restful sleep.

Hemp oil is also being studied in connection with helping people maintain healthier skin, heart, and brain functions. Plus, the anti-inflammatory properties are promising options to treat a number of problems, too.

You’d need a wide array of medical and holistic products to address as many things with standard treatments. It would be an expensive undertaking with limited results. 

Choosing the Best Cold-pressed Hemp Extract for You

Adding hemp oil to your life is one step that improves your health and well-being overall. You won’t experience the full range of benefits if you’re not buying a high-quality product. 

At River Moon Wellness, we know that cold-pressing hemp extract is the best way to ensure consistently great oils. We want to be sure you can use it in whatever way you prefer. That’s why we craft the best coffees, teas, gummies, tinctures, balms, soaps, and more.

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