What Can We Learn From Magu the Goddess to Incorporate Into Our Lives?

A belief in a higher power is one way to stay grounded and live life to the fullest. One of those higher powers is Magu, the hemp goddess. 

The story of Magu, the goddess, can inspire us to live our best lives, which can help us learn some valuable lessons. So let’s look at who Magu is and how she can teach us about life. 

Who Is Magu the Goddess?

The history of Magu goes back to ancient China, where people practiced the Taoist religion. They believed in multiple gods and goddesses, and one of those was the goddess Magu. 

Magu was a beautiful young woman who healed the bodies and spirits of humans and who ushered in the springtime. 

Magu, the goddess

The History of Magu

The story of Magu is a simple yet powerful one. Magu was said to have started her life as a human seamstress who struggled to feed her family. One day, a client of hers paid for a sewing job with a peach.

Being the kind and gentle spirit that she was, Magu chose to give the peach to an elderly woman instead of bringing it home for herself.

When Magu returned home and told her father what she had done, he was furious. He locked her in the home as punishment and refused to let her out.

When Magu was finally allowed to leave home, she went to find the old woman. What she found instead was the peach pit that the woman left behind.

Magu picked up the peach pit and planted the seed. It grew into a large and healthy tree that bore magical healing fruit. Magu then used the fruit to heal sick people in her village.

What We Can Learn About the Mind

One lesson we can learn from Magu is about the mind. She teaches us not to despair but to have hope and positivity wherever we go.

Just like Magu, when others get angry with us, we can remain positive and determined in what we do.

To boost your mental power, try a hemp blend of coffee that will leave you feeling peace of mind just like Magu did!

What We Can Learn About the Body

Magu also teaches us about health and wellness. For example, she used natural remedies to heal her villagers when they were sick.

Natural remedies help the body without introducing unknown chemicals or agents. They are a great way to treat your body holistically.

Natural products such as hemp face scrub and wellness balm are a great way to heal your body naturally, just like Magu did her villagers.

What We Can Learn About the Spirit

Finally, Magu teaches us about the spirit. She shows us to have a kind and gentle spirit in everything that we do.

Just like she treated the older woman with kindness, we can nurture our own souls through acts of kindness and generosity to others.

Learn from Magu the Hemp Goddess

Magu, the hemp goddess, may be part of a myth, but she’s also a character that can help us live a life full of health and healing. By putting these valuable lessons into action in our lives, we can experience whole-body wellness.

Do you want to experience holistic wellness yourself? Browse our products and find hemp products that allow you to live life to the fullest.

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