Did you know that over 50,000 acres of hemp are grown each year? Hemp is used for many different types of hemp products, from making medicine, food, clothing, and more. And the use of hemp dates back to 2800 BC when it was cultivated in Central Asia.

Today, hemp remains in high demand across many industries. But unfortunately, not all hemp is the same, and some practices used to grow the plant are harmful to us and the planet. But luckily, we have organic hemp-based products which use the best practices.

Organic hemp is the future of the CBD industry, and it will improve many different products as it becomes more popular. Keep reading to learn more about organic hemp.

Hemp Farming: The Benefits of Organic Sourcing

Organic hemp farming uses the best soil and growing conditions to yield the highest quality crops. Conventional farming is all about saving money and cutting corners. And while hemp is a hearty plant, this is no way to produce high-grade hemp.

Organic hemp farming costs more, but the plants are meticulously cared for. The soil is much cleaner and healthier, which in turn, produces much better hemp for the world.

How Organic Hemp Is Processed

The organic hemp production process follows strict guidelines. This ensures no impurities contaminate the plants. What’s also amazing is that hemp plants help to purify the soil they grow in. 

Non-GMO hemp seeds are used to start, and the soil must be certified chemical-free. Harmful pesticides are also excluded from the growing process. Once harvested and processed, hemp must meet high standards to be considered an organic product.

Why Organic Sourcing Matters in Hemp-Based Products
Why Choose Organic Certified Hemp?

When hemp is grown organically, it becomes much healthier for hemp-based product ingredients. Since hemp roots absorb what’s in the soil, it’s important that the fields are pure and clean. 

In regular soil, hemp absorbs harmful pollutants like heavy metals, pesticides, and fertilizers. But organic hemp contains none of these contaminants. 

Organic hemp has many health benefits as well:

  • High-quality nutrients 
  • Supports heart health
  • Boosts skin health
  • Improves immunity 
  • Pain reduction
  • Anti-anxiety and stress
Environmental Impact of Conventional Hemp Farming

Organic hemp product manufacturers are well aware of the harm caused by conventional farming. The amount of chemicals and synthetic fertilizers used in the process harms our health and planet. And it causes pollution at high rates.

Conventional farming can cause biodiversity loss and destroy nutrient-rich soil. In addition, water pollution is also a problem, harming plants and animals. Organic farms are working hard to combat this, and they’re helping to heal our environment.

Get Organic Hemp-Based Products

Organic hemp sourcing is slowly healing the planet and the population. And it’s helping fund health-conscious farmers that care about our environment.

To experience organic hemp-based products, visit our store today. We carry organically-sourced hemp tinctures to support your health. Shop now!

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