Coffee is a big part of most people’s daily routine. It provides the energy and motivation to get up and achieve your goals.

The coffee’s processing can have a massive difference in flavor and aroma. Try Swiss Water Process products if you want decaffeinated coffee that tastes amazing. They are entirely chemical-free and brimming with flavor.

This article is here to de-mystify the Swiss Water Process.

We cover the origins and development and a summary of the process. We also discuss the benefits of these products and how they can work as part of a holistic wellness routine. Let’s dive right into it!

A Groundbreaking Decaffeination Method

Methylene Chloride and Ethyl Acetate are popular ways to make decaffeinated beverages. But despite widespread usage, they are associated with being toxic in large quantities.

As an antidote to this, the Swiss Water Process got developed. This revolutionary approach to decaffeination got discovered in the 1980s in Switzerland. It offers a natural way to decaffeinate coffee without any chemicals. 

How the Process Works

The first step of the Swiss Water Process is to clean and soak the green coffee beans in hot water. This removes the silver skin around the bean and allows the pores of the bean to open up. 

Then caffeine-free Green Coffee Extract (GCE) gets added to the mix. The beans get soaked in a heated container of GCE for some time. Because the pores of the bean are open, the bean’s caffeine gets drawn out through the process of osmosis. 

This process gets repeated a few times until all the caffeine has been removed. Because of the neutral flavor of the CGE, the coffee’s natural flavors and aroma get preserved.

Why Choose the Swiss Water Process?

There are lots of benefits and advantages to choosing the Swiss Water Process. One of the most important reasons is that it does not affect the taste of the coffee. The beans keep their deep, rich flavor without the overstimulating caffeine kick.

It is also the superior choice for health-conscious consumers. The process preserves the anti-oxidants in the coffee, keeping you glowing and energized. 

The process is also much better for the environment than chemical methods. The GCE gets reused often with coffees of different origins, reducing waste.

A Commitment to Quality

At River Moon Wellness, we offer a Swiss Water Process decaf coffee selection. We’re committed to only offering the best, USDA organic certified coffees

Your health and well-being are at the heart of our business. That’s why we only use Non-GMO ingredients in our products. We also want our coffees to be super fresh, so we roast in small batches to order. 

Pair with Hemp Oil Products

Swiss Water process decaf coffee is best enjoyed as part of a holistic wellness routine. One of the best ways to enhance the benefits of Swiss Water Process coffee is by pairing it with hemp oil products

Hemp oil has many benefits for the body. These include reduced inflammation, clear and invigorated skin, and lower blood pressure.

At River Moon Wellness, we only stock top-quality broad-spectrum hemp products. They are 100% cold-pressed and packed with amazing phytocannabinoids.

Enjoy the Best Coffee

Revolutionize your morning, and taste the difference with Swiss Water Process decaffeinated coffee. Your body will feel the benefits, and you will start your day feeling like your best self. 

Elevate your daily rituals with River Moon Wellness’s offerings. We have a vast selection of products hand-picked to help you feel amazing. From hemp to infused teas and coffees, we help you to get in touch with your inner goddess. 

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