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It’s easy to assume that anyone starting a company would need a background in business. While that’s helpful, it turns out that all you need is a little bit of creativity and a whole lot of passion.

Few words can better describe Geoffrey Schodde, one of the River Moon founders. Undoubtedly, he has played an instrumental role in making River Moon Wellness successful.

Of course, this kind of success took years of cultivation, but where did it begin? Brew yourself a cup of coffee and learn about the founding of River Moon.

Geoffrey Schodde River Moon Wellness co founder

The History of River Moon Wellness

River’s Moon’s story began when Geoffrey Schodde and his wife Juanita started a business around the idea of joyful living. 

Broad in concept at first, the goal was to design a family-oriented brand that helped customers engage their senses. This could be through self-expression, passions, self-indulgence, or daily rituals.

Amidst all these ideas, Geoffrey Schodde realized coffee was the common thread. For many, that first cup of coffee is the best part of the morning.

It centers us and puts us in touch with our creative side. Coffee drinkers are also less likely to become depressed than their non-coffee-drinking friends.

River Moon Wellness: The Whole Experience

Geoffrey Schodde had bigger ambitions than being just a coffee roaster, though. 

To capture the delights of life, Geoffrey branched into CBD gummies and tinctures. River Moon also sells body products like soap and essential oils made of hemp. 

Part of the big picture for the River Moon founders has been to destigmatize CBD. But, despite its reputation, CBD has health benefits.

If people knew the science behind CBD, they might be more inclined to reap the benefits and incorporate them into their daily rituals.

Why the Name River Moon?

The River Moon founders landed on the name of their business in an endearing way. Residing in Marine on the Saint Croix near the Saint Croix River, Geoffrey and Juanita can experience the river and the moon from their home.

The beautiful experience from their home wasn’t the only reason they chose this name. Geoffrey also has a strong interest in astrology and wanted his water sign to be included in the name.

The Founding of River Moon: Choosing the Perfect Logo

You may be looking at the River Moon logo and wondering what it means. 

Sipping her cup of coffee inside the moon is Magu, the Goddess of Hemp. She’s the perfect embodiment of strength and feminine energy. She is visually appealing, sensual, and evocative.

The wave in her hair symbolizes the rippling of water and the power of wind, as echoed in the River Moon name.

Geoffrey Schodde: The Scorpio

As a Scorpio, it was important for Geoffrey Schodde to incorporate his sign into the name and the logo. 

Just like water, Geoffrey is a free-flowing thinker who harnesses his creative energy to generate ideas. He is the one who keeps the passion and excitement going.

He has a background in liberal arts and thinks of himself as someone with a little bit of knowledge on many topics. His morning ritual consists of raw hemp oil and coffee. It helps him focus, be creative, and stay motivated. 

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