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River Moon is a family-owned company, started by a husband and wife team. An accomplished musician and established social entrepreneur & educator. Fusing experience as a professional musician and corporate Ph.D., we’ve brought our talents to help others achieve wellness. We strive to be your one-stop shop for all your wellness needs pertaining to your mind, body, and soul. You’ll find it difficult not to get lost in the curated selection of products, each carefully vetted by ourselves and a team of experts. We seek to be a partner that is broad in imagination, dreams, and limitless possibilities for a discerning customer. We believe everyone should have an opportunity to activate, ignite and vitalize themselves through our products. We provide a synergy that is fueled by the calibration of employees, contractors and mentors who are all committed to bountiful wellness.

Mind, Body & Soul

River Moon Wellness Coffees and Teas


In honor of nature’s gifts, we have named our custom coffee blends after the goddesses who personify life-giving elements that nurture the beautiful trees that are the namesake for many of our coffee and tea. The growing conditions found in each of the coffee-growing regions we source our beans from gives a distinct flavor profile to their beans. When combined, this diversity is what makes River Moon coffees unique and delicious!

The fertile soil which these plants grow upon has important implications for the taste and aroma we all enjoy from our morning coffee – Epona, goddess of fertility reminds us that “coffee trees are heavy feeders.” They extract a lot from the land they grow on; without it’s rich nutrients there will be no sweetness or fragrance left behind.

River Moon Wellness Body Care


Our broad spectrum hemp-infused body products promote circulation and hydrate the skin. The essential oils deliver a range of natural vitamins, minerals, and nutrients into your skin. All ingredients are sourced and made in the USA. Our broad spectrum hemp oil is 100% cold-pressed and rich in beneficial phytocannabinoids. The cold-pressed hemp oil extraction process gently releases the plant’s natural elements without using gases, solvent, or heat. Our cold-pressed hemp oil contains all the natural fats, vitamins, nutrients, and beneficial phytonutrients from the plant’s natural elements.

From seed to sale, we can verify the highest quality of purity and potency based on 3rd party state-certified testing labs. This ensures that you not only get the highest quality but the cleanest, purest cold-pressed, broad-spectrum hemp oil, which is organically sourced, on the market.

River Moon Wellness gummies and tinctures


Our gummies and tinctures are loaded with all-natural raw cannabinoids. Our gummies taste great and are full of beneficial organically sourced, cold-pressed broad-spectrum hemp oil. They are a potent way to support your body’s endocannabinoid system and keep your health and wellness running at maximum levels.

Each tincture has hints of coriander flavor notes, while our face and body serums provide a luxurious essential oil serum boost with a powerful blend of anti-aging essential nutrients that naturally protect and nourish your soul.

We want to give you the opportunity to take control of your wellness and live a joyous, whole life.

Goddess Power may be the last thing you think about when it comes to wellness, but we are here to change that. Goddesses know what they need and want in order for themselves and their bodies to work at peak capacity–Unlock your Goddess Power!

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