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Who Is River Moon?

River Moon ties sacred feminine energy that aligns mind, body, and soul together with carefully curated, organically sourced cold-pressed broad spectrum hemp products to heighten the mental, physical, and spiritual experience.


Products for Mind, Body & Soul

Our range of holistic, hand-selected, and crafted hemp products

River Moon Wellness Coffees and Teas

Beverages – Infused coffee & tea

River Moon Wellness Body Care

Body Care – Balms & serums

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Why Broad Spectrum Hemp?

River Moon Wellness is at the forefront of broad spectrum hemp promotion to de-stigmatize cannabis.

Our goal is to reach people who want relief from physical pain, anxiety, and stress naturally and transparently.

One of River Moon’s fundamental goals in crafting Organically Sourced, Cold-pressed Broad Spectrum Hemp products is to be “a creator that is broad in imagination, dreams and limitless possibilities for a discerning customer base.”

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Our Top Sellers

This Italian style espresso blend is slow roasted from a low temperature, and then baked to a light smokey finish point. We start with beans from Brazil which create a unique, milk chocolate foundation. Then we add beans from Central America for a robust, earthy tone, and a dash of Indian Malabar for a lovely crema.


Use our River Moon Deep Penetrating Balm with 500mg of Organically Sourced, Cold-pressed Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil before sports or exercise. The Broad spectrum hemp promotes circulation and hydrates the skin. The essential oils deliver a range of natural vitamins, minerals and nutrients into your skin.


Inspired by Goddess Magu, our Drops Tincture with 1000mg of Organically Sourced, Cold-pressed Broad Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil has hints of honey & lavender flavor notes.

River Moon Wellness offers broad spectrum hemp oil that is 100% cold-pressed, and rich in beneficial phytocannabinoids.


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